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Time Running Out For Beverly Hills Homeowners to Switch to Fire Retardant Roofing

Beverly Hills’ dry and hot climate, seasonal Santa Ana winds, and topography increase the risk of homes and other structures being destroyed in wildfires. The Bel Air fire of 1961, one of the worst in city history with more than 450 homes destroyed brought about major changes in the city fire code. Now homeowners with […]

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Tips for Keeping your Chimney Safe and Functional

Fires kept residents warm during Philadelphia’s coldest month in January. Now it’s time for residents to make sure their chimneys are working safely. According to recent statistics from the Consumer Product Safety Commission, an average of 25,100 chimney fires are responsible for 30 deaths and $126.1 million in property damage on average each year. Chimney […]

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Tips for Minimizing Damage to Your Home After a Fire

Direct property losses in the USA due to fire have reached almost $11 billion dollars a year. Although timely action is important, appropriate emergency actions need to be taken to restore walls and furnishings damaged by soot. “After fire damage, it’s natural to want to clean a house or building and its contents,” says President […]

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