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Time Running Out For Beverly Hills Homeowners to Switch to Fire Retardant Roofing

Beverly Hills’ dry and hot climate, seasonal Santa Ana winds, and topography increase the risk of homes and other structures being destroyed in wildfires. The Bel Air fire of 1961, one of the worst in city history with more than 450 homes destroyed brought about major changes in the city fire code. Now homeowners with […]

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What Homeowners Should Know About Energy Audits

Rising energy prices, incentives offered from utilities, state, local and federal agencies, extreme weather conditions, and a desire to go green have many homeowners jumping on the bandwagon to make their homes more energy efficient and comfortable. However, before diving in and spending thousands on new windows or solar panels, homeowners should stop and take […]

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Tips for Protecting Your Roof with the Summer Storm Season Looming Ahead

What the hail is going on with the weather in South Texas? Recent high winds and hail storms have caused shattered windows, tree damage as well as roof damage to many homes and businesses around The Valley. The damage has left many homeowners in the area a little shaken and very inconvenienced. With the beginning […]

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Maximizing the Value of your Home Remodeling Project

Homeowners know that it’s not easy finding extra cash for remodeling projects. Whether a homeowner is adding a new room, remodeling a bathroom, installing new windows, or turning a basement into a home theatre, saving money and maximizing return value for any renovation is important. “When you’re interested in remodeling but want to maximize value, […]

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Tips on Financing a Remodeling Project

Homeowners are fueling a post-recession interest in remodeling. Earlier this year, the National Association of Home Builders’ remodeling market index hit its highest level in five years. However, many homeowners wanting to jump on the remodeling bandwagon are finding it hard to find financing. “We’ve seen a substantial increase in inquiries about remodeling projects,” says […]

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Getting your House Ready for Spring Showers

Everyone looks forward to spring, but with spring comes, spring showers. Neglecting some unappreciated and barely noticeable drain systems can leave you with a big mess in your home. Retaining walls are built to create even terrain; they are very useful in stabilizing a slope in your yard. If your retaining wall is bulging, cracked, […]

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Five Things You Should Know About Home Inspections

Ryan Hornung, who founded Veritas Home in 2009, has seen many common problems in homes during his decade of experience in construction and property preservation.  Buyers need to beware, especially when purchasing foreclosed and older homes. A home inspection is important and Veritas Home offers a full range of services whether you need a standard buyer’s inspection or have specific […]

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Tips for Keeping your Chimney Safe and Functional

Fires kept residents warm during Philadelphia’s coldest month in January. Now it’s time for residents to make sure their chimneys are working safely. According to recent statistics from the Consumer Product Safety Commission, an average of 25,100 chimney fires are responsible for 30 deaths and $126.1 million in property damage on average each year. Chimney […]

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Tips for Minimizing Damage to Your Home After a Fire

Direct property losses in the USA due to fire have reached almost $11 billion dollars a year. Although timely action is important, appropriate emergency actions need to be taken to restore walls and furnishings damaged by soot. “After fire damage, it’s natural to want to clean a house or building and its contents,” says President […]

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