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Leigh Plumbing Dispels Common Myths That Result in Plumbing Issues

Lehigh Plumbing is familiar with product claims that are designed to make life more convenient. That convenience can have a high price and the products are often the source of damage to a plumbing and sewer or septic system. Dan Welch, owner of Lehigh Plumbing shares his experience with products that cause common plumbing problems. […]

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Jo-Nan Plumbing Backflow Testing Offers 30% Off RPZ Testing

As spring approaches many homeowners turn their attention to the yard preparing to bring it back to life. Sodding, seeding and planting shrubs, trees and flowers require outside spigots and lawn sprinklers to be primed. In preparation, Illinois residents will need to have their lawn sprinklers RPZ tested. Jo-Nan Plumbing Backflow Testing is offering 30% […]

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Fixing a Leak on an Outdoor Faucet

Watering the grass, washing the car, hooking up the slip n slide, these are rites of passage for summer. But a leaking outside faucet or spigot can put the brakes on outdoor activities. “If an outside spigot is leaking, it can increase a homeowner’s water bill. Water saturation can cause yard and home foundation damage, […]

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Practical Plumbing Tips

Although a homeowner may need to call a professional in times of trouble, everyone should be aware of some basic guidelines that can help avoid common plumbing and drain issues.   Here are a few tips that can save a homeowner time and money: Few things are as frustrating as a clogged drain and a […]

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