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Toby Leary Fine Woodworking Gives an Oyster Harbor Home a Modern Makeover

Toby Leary Fine Woodworking recently updated a 6,000 square foot Osterville home taking it from 1980’s style and giving it a modern and updated look. The home was newly purchased and located in the gated community of Oyster Harbor. “The homeowners were able to look beyond the outdated aesthetic and see potential while taking advantage […]

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One Call Services Improves Homes While Preserving Their Historical and Rustic Design

One Call Services understands the importance of maintaining the original architectural details when remodeling a home. “A home addition and remodel should be cohesive with the original structure, so the new project doesn’t look like an afterthought,” says Braxton Haze, owner of One Call Services. This home remodeling company has recently completed work on a […]

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CMS Builders and Restoration Streamlines Bathroom Renovation Process

CMS Builders and Restoration has devised a 12 day bathroom remodeling schedule to simplify and clearly communicate the procedure to homeowners. This streamlined plan takes the mystery out of the remodeling process. “Having a defined plan can help remove anxiety for the homeowner, while allowing them to feel some control over the process because they […]

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G&J Construction Showcases Versatility with Recent Home Remodeling Projects

Experienced contractors offer a variety of skills that can broaden the scope of work they can offer their customers, and increase the proficiency with which the work is performed. G&J Construction has two very different home remodeling jobs that demonstrate their diverse renovation expertise to homeowners in the Boston area. Homeowners in Cambridge sought out […]

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Transforming an Outdated 1970’s Bathroom

What motivates homeowners to remodel their bathroom? According to a survey conducted by the National Association of Home Builders, the most common reason homeowners remodel their bathrooms is to repair and replace old components. Abreu Enterprises recently completed a bathroom renovation for a residence in Sacramento County. “It had been over 40 years since the […]

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Ensuring your bathroom is ADA compliant

As the first wave of “baby boomers” begins to hit their mid-60’s, there is a growing demand for renovations that meet the needs of a large aging demographic. These requirements include integrating safety for seniors with limited mobility. “We are seeing a rise in the request for ADA guidelines to be incorporated into home renovations,” […]

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Advantages to Resurfacing your Bathtub Instead of Replacing It

The National Kitchen and Bath Association estimates the total cost to remove and replace a bathtub is $3000 or more. True, a bathtub may only cost $300 but add in the cost of demolition, structural repairs, a plumber, and tile contractor and a homeowner faces an expensive project. So what can a homeowner do with […]

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Recent Trends in Luxury Home Remodeling

As the Los Angeles real estate market recovers, builders are noticing a resurging interest in renovating older homes.  True, the extravagant 12-room mansions of the boom years, for the most part, are a thing of the past with functional, traditional, elegant bungalow structures taking their place. However, that doesn’t mean style has to be left […]

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Cheap and Chic Ways to Spruce up a Bathroom

Giving your bathroom a facelift doesn’t have to break the bank.  In fact, a complete overhaul isn’t necessary to create that calming spa-like refuge you so deeply desire.  We chatted with Stephan Haubrich from H. S. Remodeling and he gave us some tips for sprucing up your bathroom while saving money: Keep in mind, one of […]

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Tips for Upgrading your Bathroom on a Budget

Everyone enjoys an upgrade but, if a complete bathroom and kitchen remodel does not fit the budget, a luxury look and modern updates can still be attainable. The housing market is currently a buyers market, so many homeowners are opting to stay in their homes and making the best of what they have and finding […]

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