Advantages to Resurfacing your Bathtub Instead of Replacing It

The National Kitchen and Bath Association estimates the total cost to remove and replace a bathtub is $3000 or more. True, a bathtub may only cost $300 but add in the cost of demolition, structural repairs, a plumber, and tile contractor and a homeowner faces an expensive project.

So what can a homeowner do with a bathtub that is damaged, stained, chipped, or an out-of-date color during these tough economic times? Refinishing bathtubs is quickly becoming a popular alternative to the costly and messy replacement of a bathtub.

Refinishing a bathtub can save up to 75 percent of replacement cost, extend the life of a tub up to five to 10 years, and is an environmentally-friendly option. Homeowners, realtors, and hotel owners can all save money using this cost effective and time saving process.

“The high-tech, durable bathtub finishes make it difficult to tell the difference between a refinished bathtub and a brand new tub,” explains Mike Mehenni, owner of E.M.S. Bathtub Refinishing Services.  “We repair chips or cracks and restore the surface so a bathtub looks and feels new.”

Homeowners can choose any color for their bathtub making it easy to change a color scheme without breaking the bank. Not only bathtubs but also other worn out fixtures like showers, countertops, ceramic tiles, and sinks can be refinished and significantly reduce the cost of a bathroom remodeling project.

Typically a bathtub can be used in 24 hours or less, minimizing the time a homeowner is without the use of a tub. The same basic care and maintenance guidelines given by new tub manufacturers, including their advice against using harsh cleaning products, should be utilized with refinished tubs. A tub that has been refinished before can be refinished again after old coatings are removed. While refinishing is a great alternative, it is important to find a professional refinisher who is licensed and insured with an impeccable reputation who will use the right materials and procedures.

A state contractor licensed for 20 years with over 40 years of experience, E.M.S. has established themselves as one to the top bathtub refinishing and resurfacing companies in the Bay Area. Their attention to detail, quality work, and ability to save their clients money are unmatched. Clients include well-known landlords and property management companies such as Oakland Housing Authority with 3,600 units, San Francisco Housing Authority with 7,500 units, Brea Properties with 21,245 units, Stellar Management Parkmerced, and Essex Property Trust with 27,143 units.

To learn more about E.M.S Bathtub Refinishing Services, check out their profile on BuildZoom.



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